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Hello! I'm doing a survey of the MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index template messages in all major Wikisources in order to help facilitate phab:T60062 and phab:T207142. Because of this, I was wondering if someone here could help me chart out the various parameters (such as {{{Title}}}) used on this page, and their translations in English? I would be very grateful. Please Format:Tl me if you reply, so I don't miss anything. :-) Jon Harald Søby (discuție) 27 septembrie 2019 19:47 (EEST)

name of parameter content of this parameter
Imagine link to the image of the front page
Autor author of the work
Titlu title of the work
Editură publishing house
An year of publication
Loc place of publication
Sursă link and description of the source (Commons, external website)
Pagini list of all pages belonging to the work
Reguli de editare guidelines for the edition
Corectare project status
, so in 2011 this was the same with the de.wikisource one. The publishing house (Verlag) appears to be missing now. Also on this version traducător = traducer was added later.--Mishuletz (discuție) 29 septembrie 2019 14:53 (EEST)Hm... @Jon Harald Søby:--Mishuletz (discuție) 29 septembrie 2019 14:55 (EEST)